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I’m continue to publish interviews with the interesting and unique people who can change own life and who has a dare to be happy and who discovered their truth nature.

One of them is Manuela Lagardere. Most of us knows her as a daughter of Sophie Hellinger and some of us participated in her workshops at Hellinger’s kemp in Germany. 

— What is happiness for you?

For me Happiness is :

— when you can enjoy yourself and your life and everyone and everything in it. 
— When what you say, what you think and what you do are in harmony.

— What do you do specifically? What are you offering for people?

— At the moment I design guided meditation and hypnosis sessions that I upload to my youtube channel. Over time my intention is to create and share a space that is accessible to everyone from everywhere, free of charge, whenever we are in need of connecting to our own wisdom and truth. Everything we are looking for is already within us. The meditations I offer can take you on a healing journey of self discovery. 

I also privately read people’s soul profiles to inform them about their divine gifts and who they are at soul level. I clear negative blocks and restrictions so they can see/access their divine nature and make choices that are aligned with their true nature. 

How you came to your work? (Why you decided work with this)
I have always wanted to be a doctor. When I studied medecine I became intrigued with physical symptoms because people perceived their suffering differently. So, I started to explore the subconscious and the mind. I wanted to understand how they affect the physical, emotional and spiritual body. For the benefit of all beings, I wanted to know how we create our reality.

— What kind of child you was? (Did you differ from other children, was it complicated for you?)
— I loved playing with my friends outside in the fields, woods and streams. What was hard was that the other children viewed animals and plants as insensitive objects.

We know that your mother Sophie Hellinger is unusual woman, how it was and how it is to be a daughter of her?
My mother has been and still is my biggest source of inspiration. I am always deeply moved when I see her on stage. I love our deep conversations. I’m really blessed to have her in my life as much as anyone else.

— What you learned from your mother?
Thanks to my Mom I discovered the Family Constellations, she taught me to have the courage to develop and be loyal to my perception and to trust the process. I also learnt that a Constellator has to stay detached from the outcome and gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness. Seeking enlightenment backfires when it is motivated by fun or money or power.

— What should parents do thirst to save a children as they are, to save their open hearts and uniqueness?
I trust every parent with this intention to find a way to support their child in that direction. By honoring my own uniqueness as a parent, I honor the uniqueness of my child. By being an open hearted parent, I allow my child’s heart to stay open.

— Could you share please with the most hard, but very transformational experience in your life?

I believe we create ourselves at least 3-5 equally hard and transformational experiences in our life.

We all come to this earth from different planets to resolve old karma. I understand karma as choices that we made, either several life times ago or in this present life, that are against our true nature, choices that were made in intense emotional situations. These past choices influence us in a way that we create similar experiences in this life. It is like giving ourselves a chance to transform, repair, heal from past choices so that we become more and more our original self, it may take several life times.

The hardest thing is that the clearer you become the more you see. Choices that you made with your previous level of consciousness are now surpassed with a more expanded perception. Now you have to accept and forgive yourself because you continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.

What is also difficult is that you have to honor everybody’s free will. So while you may see the whole picture or a bigger picture, others may perceive a different reality.  As much as you want to help and save them from future pain, you have to respect their free will, sit back and watch how their choices play out. This is especially hard with people you love.

— What is the most effective instrument to be aware in your opinion?  

— Regardless of what instrument we use, we need to be rooted and aligned in the heart first. When the crown chakra is wide open and the heart is closed, we have strange experiences of a distorted divine polarity. Basically the outer world will be a reflection of your inner world.

— What practice was helpful for you to understand who you are truly?
— Embracing fears and the Unknown.

All healing is essentially a releasing of all fears. Fears block us from our divine truth. To step into who we truly are, it requires a certain amount of courage and faith for the unknown. We are more educated to doubt our faith than to doubt our doubts. In a way not knowing is the path of knowing. Being more deeply involved in life and yet less attached to it. This paradox is hard to explain, as it is something to be experienced rather than something to be understood. We all are gifted with a unique perspective. Therefore if we turn our gaze inward, our answers lie within. That is what I fancy about meditation, the answers come from you. If we seek answers from outside ( other people) chances are high, those answers have been filtered by their beliefs, convictions and patterns. I am in favor to help people discover who they are and giving them the tools to do so on their own, rather than giving them the answers. It is a beautiful thing to experience the mystery.

— What is the best way to achieve our goals, dreams?
— Probably, self love, self care, self forgiveness and self acceptance, they all lead to self fulfillment.

— What kind of recommendations, tips or suggestions you can give for people (and for children, young generation) who wish to be oneself and express their soul?
— Staying child like. Child like is different than childish. Childish is naive and immature selfish behaviour. Child like is the innocence, awe, joy and wonder of a child. This is the subject of my next meditation.

Interviewed by Gulnara Sultan


Manuela Lagardere: «I am all for helping people to be happy. I will publish weekly meditations and hypnosis on various subjects. I also will create a playlist for children»

Instagram: manuela.lagardere



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